Lontano da dove

Visual identities
Graphic design
Typography design

Outdoor photo
Pierluigi Cattani Faggion

Lontano da dove – Away from where – has been a journey of workshops for artists, curators, architects, sociologists and public art practises workers. It was conceived by Giusi Campisi for Tiring House Trento with the aim of exploring the connections within art and social, political and philosophical fields to build relationships among artists, intellectuals and citizens. Workshops and meetings were held by Stefano Boccalini, Francesco Careri, Ettore Favini, Adrian Paci, Marco Scotini.

I wanted to experiment with a ghost solution. The visual communication is very often full of filled elements, logos or messages trying to attract the attention at any cost. The idea of no putting anything outside except the pink colour stirred more curiosity and attention... as a precious gift to be unwrapped. Inside a poster with a symbology, a pink moment to hang. For this occasion, I design Tiring House logo and the font for titles.


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