Catalogo Nel cerchio dell'arte 2012 – 2019

cover book

Nel Cerchio dell’arte - In The Circle of Art – was a path of multimedia exhibitions, events and conferences held at Trevi Centre in Bolzano/Bozen between 2012 and 2019. Through the eyes of art over the centuries, the public has been involved in the exploration of great themes as women in art, wars, time–money and art–sport correlation in an innovative exhibition experience.

All the exhibitions are collected in a catalogue, also displayed on ArteDossier, I designed the cover for. The graphic concept was inspired by the innovative and highly technological features of these exhibitions. 360° video projections, screens' interactions, Virtual Reality connections with other museums such as Mann in Naples and Macro in Rome. I visualised the light element crystallizing the vibrations of particles in a narration of digital images. 



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