Bolzano Festival Bozen

corporate Identity
graphic design
photo shooting
creative direction

Every summer, over 500 musicians from all over the world meet in Bolzano to bring life to the concerts of the Bolzano Festival Bozen, a European music festival with a unique and distinctive character. It is the finest expression of classical music in Bolzano which brings together the excellence of the town's music festivals, turning it into a real breeding ground for music. Big international stars get together with young and fresh talents. The most promising challenge each other at the sound of music during the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition, taking the first steps towards a worldwide career.

It was a great joy to win such contest for the redesign of the brand and the corporate identity of the festival in 2011 against some of the best design studios in northern Italy. The festival, since its creation, had never had a real logo. Furthermore, the mandatory double language- Italian / German- to be used for all the texts in the cultural events of the Province greatly complicated and lengthened the impact of titles and texts in the visual media of the festival, disfavouring synthesis and compositional freedom. My desire was to draw a compact symbol which at a first glance could gather the spirit of classical music and offer an impressive echoing to the city.

My proposal was inspired by the observation of ancient musical instruments and the analysis of its name - Bolzano Festival Bozen -.


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