Arte Sport. Nel Cerchio dell’Arte

Visual identity
Communication design
Icons and signage
Creative direction


Arte Sport was a multimedia exhibitions with events and conferences held at Trevi Centre in Bolzano/Bozen in 2018/19. Works of art, myth and athletic performance, games and sports disciplines in a narrated journey through virtual images and real works. Through the eyes of art over the centuries, the public has been involved in the exploration of art–sport correlation in an innovative and highly technological exhibition experience. 360° video projections, screens’ interactions and Virtual Reality connections with other museums such as Mann in Naples and Macro in Rome.
For this exhibition I designed the communication, the logo, a variety of posters and postcards based on the artwork and capturing the competitive action, the signage of the spaces, the graphics of the displays and the screens and buttons of the interactive app.

The graphic concept is symbolized by a red band, inspired by the idea of victory, pushing beyond limits, reaching the goal, crossing the finish line. What drives an athlete’s ambition to overcome themselves?


Kunst & Sport. Im Kreise der Kunst.
Eine Reise durch die Welt von Kunst, Mythos und sportlicher Leistung, Spielen und Disziplinen des Sports mit virtuellen Bildern und realen Kunstwerken.

/ graphic design / corporate identity / visual / campaigns / brandings / posters / signage systems / catalogues and publications / illustrations / packaging / exhibition installations / creative direction / web design / animated graphics / icons


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